Waves of Mercy

Fearing calamity
They prodded Christ to waken
Their faith in Him surged

Shining Light

Somewhere along the way, 
I met a man
Poor, naked and blind
I told him the only thing 
That I could give him
Was to open up his eyes
I stooped and spoke with him 
I gave him moments of my time
He fumbled with a mystery
That crumbled in his grasp
And then, at last
He understood
That he was loved
That he was good
That he was beautiful 
His eyes were opened,
Opened unto truth
And he saw our Father,
Good and beautiful,
Who loves the humble ones
In a special way
Ones like His Son, Jesus
And as
Illumination came to him
Both of us were changed 
April 23, 2016

Exceedingly Kind

Goodness and mercy
Intently pursue you
For our gracious God
Is determined to woo you;
His lovingkindness
Will lead you to turn
To bow at His feet
So there you can learn
How extravagant and lavish
His love for you is,
How much He wants
For you to be His
So that He can give you
Exceedingly more
Than you can ever imagine
Or ask Him for;
Abundant life
That's everlasting
Is yours to receive;
All He is asking
Is for you to believe
In His Son, Jesus Christ
Who paid for your sins
With His blood, sacrifice
So that you could stand
In God's holy presence
As a child of the King,
No longer a peasant
In filthy rags, blind
For our good Father
Is exceedingly kind
April 19, 2016
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This is Our Father’s World

Each particle of matter
Each grain of sand He’s scattered
Every inch of His creation
Each poetic inspiration
Leaf, lichen, limb
It all belongs to Him
April 17, 2016
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Make Us Ready

Great and glorious God
Hear us when we call
Make us ready, Lord
To see Your face,
For Your appearing
That we might rise with You
Not cower in disgrace
To not be fearing
Purify our souls and minds
Consume our hearts, our time
Cleansed with Your blood divine,
Fill us with Your light inside
That we might, for You, shine
So we, Your church, Your Bride,
Will be ready when You arrive
April 17, 2016

Cinderella Sang

Cinderella sang
Not some dust girl's dirge
Her song was oh so eloquent
Her cheerful ballad rang
Beyond the confines of her room
Bound by duty, not by gloom

She sang
Before her magic moment
Before her fantastic gown
While battling the 'uglies'
That tried to drag her down
She sang

A song of hope and freedom
A song that rivalled birds
Her spirit soared within her
Her glory could be heard

The prince knew when he found her
In the tattered rags she wore
That she was still the lady
That he'd danced with once before

He didn't see her poverty
Or think that he'd unveiled a fraud
Her heart song he remembered
Shining as a precious child of God
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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

God is merciful
To those who walk by faith
He recalls His promises
To rescue and save

So we, the children 
Of the Living God,
May freely serve Him 
When we hear His call

By His true covenant
And by faith, we’re justified,
Credited with righteousness
Of our hope, eternal Christ

Living by the law,
We are bound to fail
But with the promise of His Spirit
And His power, we prevail

God of glory, great I AM 
May Your blessed name 
Be throughout the earth
Forevermore proclaimed
April 10, 2016

Contemplate God's Glory

As I contemplate Your glory,
Maker of heaven and earth,
I consider 
The stars and galaxies 
You thrust
Into the universe
And by Your decree 
They suspend

I recall
I was gathered from dust;
My mind 
Cannot comprehend
Everlasting God, 
Without beginning or end

How foolish am I 
To try and pretend
I have an inkling
Of understanding
When You 
Are commanding 
Your majestic creation 
To live and move and be

And by Your grace 
And kindness
You have unveiled
A fraction of my blindness
That I might see 
And bend my knee
April 9, 2016
Inspired by 2 Corinthians 3:18

Captivating Beauty

Captivating beauty,
Deep mystery to be explored
This is the essence of Eve's daughters
Reflective of the Lord

The crown of God's creation,
Her desire is to be sought
She is desperately needed;
For intimacy, she was wrought

The Garden was her homeland
A place of glory and of rest
Now she strives to find her way there,
To life abundant and God-blessed

Unveil your heart, beloved
And shimmer with all your power
For our Creator delights in you
This is your finest hour
April 2005
Inspired by John Eldredge's book, Captivating

Psalm 100

Shout for joy to the Lord,
All the earth
Come before Him
With gladness and joy
And sing of His worth
Know that the Lord is God
He made us,
We are in His keep
We are His people,
His pasture's sheep
Enter His gates
With thanksgiving
And His courts with praise
Give thanks to Him
To His name, praise
For the Lord is good
And His love endures
For all time
His faithfulness continues
To the end of mankind
April 1, 2016

Be Imitators of Christ

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